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Mike Harvey

Oh no... now they're gonna want to build a downtown football stadium!

Karen Goldner

Long ago I got over the expectation that anyone in central Indiana would understand the geography of the rest of the state.

What I DID think was nice was that, moments after his first AFC championship and with a bunch of cameras sticking into his face, that the first northern Indiana city that Dungy apparently thought of was Fort Wayne.

Charlotte A. Weybright

I am not a football fan; however, I am a total Hoosier and a Fort Wayne resident. I love Fort Wayne, and I have always thought Fort Wayne gets overlooked at almost every level (I know there are people out there that don't agree).

I agree with Karen though - how interesting that one of the first statements out of the coach's mouth is about Fort Wayne. As I watched the interview, I have to say, I was quite shocked that he even said it.

Even though Fort Wayne isn't in the middle between Chicago and Indy, it is a fairly close and easy drive from either city. And we do have a lot of dedicated Colts fans in this area.

Jon Myers

After schlepping through the snow and slush to the airport last night to pick up a friend, I was just happy to get home and see the final drive and Dungy's quote.

Ed. note: The 3rd and 4th quarters were all one needed to see.

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